It's Not Them, It's Me

I miss people.

I hate myself for every time I feel uneasy dealing with people.

I prefer lock myself alone at home, do my work alone in the corner with earphone and radio on.

I avoid eye contact, either I’m in a crowd or just passing by somewhere.

I start thinking that I’m afraid of people for no reason.

I don’t know what-to-say or what-to-do when people around.

I would keep blabbering about this and that instead of having a dead-air and being awkward.

I regret a lot about what-I-said or what-I-did after spending time with people.

I think that wouldn’t be that hard to start mingle whenever good people surround me.

I think so but it’s not.

I want to live a normal life with at least one or two people closer and even more around.

I realize that it would make this shitty life seems bearable.

I just need some time.

I miss people, it’s so true, but I miss myself more.


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