The Call

I was stuck in my night class when I got your text.
I read it twice. I checked the date and time. Just want to make sure that it was REALLY you.

"Are you still having a class?"

I stared at my phone for a while before making a reply.


A short one that led to a long call in the next hour.

Personality, friend of friend, assignment, Nicole Kidman.

That was our first call.


It was the night after an overtime work, when I bought myself a pair of shoes as a reward.
I was too busy picking up the size and model when my phone rang.

It was you.

I froze for a second and answered it happily.

Where-are-you, aren't-you-going-home-yet, friend's wedding, partner.

That was our second call.


Been too long for keeping this feeling and I couldn't hold it anymore.

That might be okay to make such a confession with no intention.

I just thought that you had to know.

At least, they were things that popped up in my head when I finally sent you a text, asking for a call.

"Still have work. I'll call you when I'm home."

Either you were never home or simply you just forgot.

So, there was no third call.


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