Who Am I?

What makes one stay invisible in a social media?

I'm trying to ask myself here.

For me, social media is not a place where I am going to expand my network or build such a relationship by getting closer. Since the first time I signed up, I let myself become herself -sincere and alive, bitter and pathetic-.

For me, what's the point of showing daily me online? Since all of them are strangers, it would be fair to let them know the same side of me through what I said and what I have in mind, not because who-I-am or what-I-do.

For me, social media is such another world where I could never experienced in real life. I speak about this and that, blabber on nothing and everything. Distracting myself every time I overthink and my head about going exploded. I have no worry about those who read and I don't feel sorry for what they read.

For me, what's the point of meeting up with online people? Let's say I have enough trust issue thanks to the life experience, so what do you expect? Just because I interact that much with some people doesn't mean I intentionally to get along in real. Have I ever imagined about doing that meet up and stuff? YES. A LOT. Well, call me stupid or else but that awkward moment in the first meet or even worse the after-meet feeling when I lose my mood seems unbearable. At least, for now.

This is why I always think that if only people in real life finding out how I live online, it would be nothing but a disaster.

This doesn't mean I'm fake.
This is just me trying to stay sane.

At the end, what's so wrong about being as a "faceless creature" online? ;)


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